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            Low output power

            The output power is relatively small. Typically, the capacity of a distributed PV project is within a few kilowatts. Different from centralized power stations, the size of photovoltaic power stations has little influence on power generation efficiency, so it has little influence on its economy. The return on investment of small photovoltaic systems is not lower than that of large ones.


            No pollution

            No pollution, outstanding environmental benefits. Distributed photovoltaic power generation project in the process of power generation, there is no noise, and will not pollute the air and water.


            Ease the tension of electricity

            To a certain extent, it can alleviate the tension of electricity in local areas. However, the energy density of distributed photovoltaic power generation is relatively low, and the power of distributed photovoltaic power generation system is only about 100 watts per square meter. Coupled with the limited roof area of buildings suitable for installing photovoltaic modules, it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of power shortage.


            Co-existence of electricity generation

            It can generate electricity together with electricity. The power generation of large ground power stations is connected to the transmission network by boosting voltage and operates only as power stations. Distributed photovoltaic power generation is connected to the distribution network, and power generation and consumption coexist, and it should be consumed locally as much as possible


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